Naju 2002

Our Lord's message to Julia on the Feast of the Assumption

Message on August 15, 2002
Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

At the same place on the Blessed Mother's mountain where a miracle of the Eucharistic species turning into visible flesh and blood in the shape of a heart in my mouth occurred both during the Mass celebrated by Bishop Dominic Su on August 26, 1995, and during the Mass celebrated by Bishop Roman Danylak (September 22, 1995), Jesus shed His Precious Blood which was alive and pulsating on June 11, 2002. Today, I was informed that a large quantity of the Precious Blood was shed again between 10 and 10:15 a.m., and went to the mountain in a hurry. Rather than merely being shed, it seemed to me that the Precious Blood was poured down. There already were Bishop Dominic Su and two priests from Malaysia together with many pilgrims from Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, and other countries, witnessing the Precious Blood and praying. Some of them were crying.

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I knelt down before the Precious Blood and began meditating, choking with sobs and offering up the tears. I could not control my tears or stop my nose from running. A while later, I entered an ecstasy and saw some terrible scenes.

So many people were in the state of sin. Most shockingly, some priests and religious, and even some of the prelates were committing sins. Jesus, wearing a white robe and a red mantle, was in pains as He was watching them. Whenever they committed sins, His Sacred Heart was mercilessly pierced by sharp swords and spears, He was crucified again, and He was whipped and scourged. Especially when the prelates and those children who have been called were scourging Him, Jesus was unable to open His eyes and was groaning, and at that moment His chest opened and His Sacred Heart began bleeding. That was not all! Even lumps of blood and bloody water poured out of His Heart. It was a miserable scene that I could not look at with my open eyes. Then, Jesus screamed loudly, "Who will sew up My Heart that has been torn apart? I ask that at least you, who know Me, sew My torn Heart," and shed bloody tears. He began speaking, looking at me with sorrowful eyes.


My beloved little soul!   Make this known so that those who have eyes that can see and ears that can hear may all come to see and hear. This is the love flaming up in My Sacred Heart, which is inseparable (even if one tries to separate my children from My love) and is high, deep, and wide. That all the children in the world may repent, free themselves from unbelief, reconcile with each other, and become saved, I poured down this love, holding back none, at My Mother's earnest solicitation that the Heavenly Father remove the chastisement which He is to send down justly.

My lovable daughter! Without complaining even when you were attacked and persecuted with all kinds of malicious groundless rumors and preposterous words and when your body and mind were all covered with wounds, you gracefully offered up all those pains, which were like being killed twice, as sacrifices, reparations and love for the conversion of sinners. As I have been moved by your love interwoven with your deep trust in Me and total reliance on Me, I cannot help but send down graces upon this world. 

At that moment, I saw the clergy, religious and lay people, who responded saying "Amen" to the call by Jesus and the Blessed Mother, also nailed to the Cross, receiving extreme insults, scourging, and all kinds of contempt, and groaning, as they were making the Lord's and the Blessed Mother's love known. Very soon light radiated from the sky and shone upon all of them, and the angels came and consoled them, enabling them to offer up their pains gracefully. Jesus again spoke lovingly.


My extremely beloved daughter! As you can see now, these souls who have been called and who have responded saying "Amen" have received, together with you, contempt and scorn and have been falsely accused and persecuted with all kinds of groundless criticisms. Even though they experience difficulties and suffer pains in this world, they will enjoy glory, sing Alleluia, and be blessed with joy, love, and peace at the side of Me and My Mother in the next world. Therefore, in this urgent age, in order not to give any opportunity to the devil, help all the children in the world to turn their lives into prayers so that all may be saved.

Children who have been called! And all the children in the world! Now, the night has grown deeper, thus signaling the approaching dawn. That the new heaven and the new earth may be realized, I want you to hurriedly awake from sleep; respond to this inestimable, sublime love revealed through the signs that I and My Mother have continuously manifested in order to save the world; accept the messages of love which (I and My Mother) have been screaming until Our throats begin bleeding; and gracefully offer up even the trivial things, without squandering even one of them or taking it lightly, by turning your lives into prayers.     

Thus, if you rush to Me through My Mother humbly as little souls, I and My Mother will guard and protect you, whatever natural disaster may occur, and you will escape from the calamity of fire flaming up with justice and witness a new daybreak.  

But if you continue to deviate from My most sublime love and truth and, by misusing your free will, insist upon your own self-contradictory faith, you will be judged as remnants of dry grass at the Last Judgment and thrown into the burning sulfur that flames up violently. What will be the use of regretting at that time?

Therefore, as you see and feel My most sublime Precious Blood which I poured out, holding back none, by opening My Sacred Heart for all of you, rely totally (on Me) with complete faith and trust and with gratitude and love, and make this most sublime love known to all people. If they accept it humbly and repent, they will obtain My infinite love and mercy and be blessed with eternal happiness at the last moment.

Then, with His eyes filled with love, Jesus looked around at all the clergy, religious and lay people who were working for the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju and resumed speaking.


My ministers who have responded saying "Amen" to My Mother's call! Hasn't My Mother, who loves you extremely, said that you are so lovable that she can put you in her eyes without hurting them? The Precious Blood that poured out of the wounds in My Sacred Heart, which I just showed you, is a sign of My boundless mercy and profound love and friendship for all the children in the world as well as of My presence. Who can even dare to speculate about or imagine the love that is burning like this with a divine origin in My Sacred Heart? My Heart has become an active volcano that flames up violently because of the numerous children in the world who cling to Me and My Mother as if grabbing a life buoy only when they are in pains, but return to their miserable life once they receive the graces that they have been asking for. 

Therefore, I ask you, who have been called as My ministers, to display the power of love more energetically and to make known to the whole world, together with My little soul, who has been chosen but has said repeatedly that she is unworthy and unqualified, the inestimable love in My burning Sacred Heart, and, thus, to help all to realize that My Sacred Heart, which flames up and has given up all of its blood and water, holding back none, is the refuge for all the sinners in the world and the full realization of salvation.      

If you make known the love burning in My Sacred Heart, which words cannot adequately describe, so that all the children of the world may accept the messages of love from Me and My Mother, meditate deeply on the wounds in My torn Sacred Heart, and turn their lives into prayers, this will be a gift of great joy to Me and My Mother and become the pliers of love that pull out the sharp daggers that keep stabbing (My Heart) because of the unfaithfulness of My ministers and children who have been specially called.

My beloved ministers and children who have been called! Do not fear anything no matter what distress may befall you while you make Me and My Mother known, as those souls who rely on and draw closer to the boundless love and mercy burning in My Sacred Heart will participate in My love and be saved. Hasten to make (Us) known with a total trust in Me Who will sustain you as persons who never give up their integrity even in distress and with an awareness of your dignity as people who have been saved and are transcendent.

Realize the important fact that you have been called to proclaim to the whole world that now is the critical time when the good heads of grain and the remnants of dry grass are being separated so that not even one soul among all the children in the world may be abandoned and all may repent, be saved, and give glory to God. And meekly following My and My Mother's will and without any further reservation, take the initiative in working to save this pitiable world which is headed toward destruction and ruin.

As you are drawing closer to Me through My Mother as little persons, like children, and making Me and My Mother known, you will be blessed with eternal happiness before My throne in My kingdom on the last day.

Julia Kim
Naju, Korea

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