Naju 2002

"The Way of the Cross, which I personally walk shedding blood together with you"

Message on January 18, 2002

I was completely exhausted from suffering extreme pains, unable to say even the Our Father, but barely managed to do the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain, meditating on the pains that the Lord suffered. When we reached the Ninth Station, however, I felt a substantial improvement in my condition while I was praying with my eyes closed. We were very surprised, because, until just a few moments earlier, it had been so hard for me to move my body as if I had been beaten up with an iron club. It was about 9:30 a.m.

There were many fresh blood marks on the paved areas on the Way of the Cross (constructed for the handicapped). At the Twelfth Station, we saw fresh blood marks scattered all over on the ground. There also were splash marks made when the blood dripped on the ground. We found fresh blood marks all the way from the Seventh Station to the Thirteenth Station.

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We climbed Station after Station, looking around attentively. When we paused at the Seventh Station for brief meditation, I saw a vision. Whenever people in the world committed sins, Jesus was crucified again and the crown of thorns pressed down harder on His head causing more bleeding. His Sacred Heart was also becoming torn apart and was bleeding. The Blessed Mother was watching all this, shedding tears of blood for pains of her Heart becoming torn apart. She spoke lovingly and gently.


My beloved daughter! Your Lord and I Who listen to the sounds of your fervent prayers which you offer up every day to help carry the Lord's Cross receive great consolation. 

I prayed fervently, screaming in my heart, "Oh, my Mother, my Mommy! What can I not do, if my feeble and meager prayers can be of some comfort to the Lord? As I am the Lord's if I die and I am the Lord's if I live, let me become a faithful instrument according to the Lord's Will." I barely finished my prayer, when, following a sudden sound of whipping, I fell down on the ground covered with rocks and began rolling down. I was happy, because I could participate in even a little of the Lord's sufferings. (Later, those who were praying with me said that I rolled down about twelve times.) Then, I heard the Lord's voice.


My beloved little soul! My lovable baby who finds joy in suffering pains for Me and My Mother and for the conversion of sinners! Many souls will repent through the pains that you suffer in union with My Mother in My transcending Love. How can I not be with you, when you are always with My Mother like this? How can I not listen to the sounds of the prayers that you offer up? 

This place is the Way of the Cross, which I personally walk shedding blood together with you. Therefore, if all those who walk this Way of the Cross open the doors of their hearts widely, desire sincerely to be united with Me, and pray participating in the pains that I suffered, they will meet Me and receive spiritual and physical healings. 

All the beloved children in the world! Even at this hour, when two thousand years have passed, I am coming to you, shedding blood like this, in order to be with you. Do not regret on the last day after having been attached to and having compromised with the things of the world and the flesh which will decay and pass away, but make haste to rush toward Me through My Mother, arm yourselves with the messages which My Mother and I have been giving you for your repentance, repeating the same words again and again, and inherit Heaven which has been earned through the immeasurable pains of the Cross.

Julia Kim
Naju, Korea

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