Naju 2001

'I will give one more chance to the children who have lost their sense of direction...'

Message on October 19, 2001

While I was doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's mountain together with several helpers, feeling much difficulty and pains, streams of the water of mercy began flowing down at the Seventh Station and continued coming down.

When we reached the Twelfth Station and were praying prostrate on the ground, I suddenly lost energy in my whole body and fell backward. I entered an ecstasy and saw a vision. Numerous people were screaming for help in the midst of terrible pains. They were trampling each other, struggling to climb higher. Those who were being trampled were groaning and screaming because of pains. Some of their screaming sounded like that of wolves, with a long lingering sound. They sounded frightful and could send a chill through a person.

At that moment, the devils were going about busily, whispering into people's ears, "You can live only if you go higher." Those people who were deceived by the devils were trying to go higher with all their strength, ignoring even their parents and brothers and sisters, trampling them in order to save their own lives. Their desperate efforts, however, were futile. As soon as they seemed to have reached the top, others under them grabbed and pulled down their feet. They fell to the bottom and were trampled by others who were frantically trying to go up. It was a terrible scene that was repeating itself endlessly. The screaming sounded so ghastly to an indescribable degree that I even felt my hair standing up. While looking at this terrible scene, I began screaming to the Lord with a trembling voice.

Oh, Savior Jesus Who is our Redeemer and Love Itself! These days our human society has accomplished enormous progress through a highly-advanced materialistic civilization, but humans' inner life has become more desolate, like a desert. How much pain this must have caused Thee! The dazzling progress of the materialistic civilization can bring about temporary conveniences, but cannot give humans true happiness. Instead, it is annihilating love. Of what use can it be to our souls?

Forgive all those children in the world who are so blind and deaf and are rushing toward their endless ruin, without understanding the Lord's and the Blessed Mother's words. Save them by liberating them from the devils' cunning temptations. Clean their sins completely, heal them, and let them resurrect with the Sacred and Precious Blood from Thy Seven Wounds, shed on the Cross to save the world.

As I was screaming, Jesus appeared, wearing a white robe and a red mantle. I was overjoyed and said:

Oh, my Lord! Please save those people who have fallen into the devils' temptation because they did not trust the Lord and the Blessed Mother, will You?


Haven't I already told you that there is nothing that can be done if humans refuse to accept love however much love I may give them, as they have been given a free will?

Lord! Didn't the Lord value the one sheep that had been lost but was found more than the ninety-nine other sheep? Just one single drop of the Precious Blood that the Lord shed for our sake can save the whole world.

As I continued screaming and begging, the Lord looked with loving and merciful eyes at all of us who were praying, and spoke.


My beloved little soul! If all the children in the world had followed Me with a faith like yours, this world would already have become the New Heaven and the New Earth. But look at all those numerous people. Instead of repenting their sins, they are cruelly trampling and throwing away their neighbors, trying to save only their own lives. How can they expect to live?

Lord! Please give them one more chance to repent. When they die, their bodies will return to earth, but their souls will not be able to escape from the flames of fire in hell. Have mercy so that not even one soul may fall into hell.

I cried and implored again. Then, the Lord said,


My obedient and loving daughter! How can I refuse your earnest request? I will give one more chance to the children who have lost their sense of direction in the midst of pandemonium and are wandering. If they accept Me and My Mother, they will repent and be saved.

When Jesus finished speaking, He ascended higher in the sky. At that moment, the Blessed Mother, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, appeared at the side of the Lord. Saying " Now, open your eyes ," the Lord together with the Blessed Mother sent down upon people the light of the Sacred Heart and the light of mercy as well as abundant streams of the water of mercy. Then, They sent down the Precious Blood from the Lord's Seven Wounds and the Blessed Mother's tears of blood. Among the numerous people, an extremely small number of them accepted the Lord and the Blessed Mother, accepted the love from Them, and were able to escape from the screaming crowds. However, from those who were not accepting the Lord and the Blessed Mother and were still cooperating with the devils, the light of love and drops of the Blood from the Lord and the Blessed Mother were returning back to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

The Lord and the Blessed Mother came to us and bestowed the light of the Sacred Heart and the light of mercy, streams of the water of mercy from Their hands, the Precious Blood from the Lord's Seven Wounds, the Blessed Mother's tears, tears of blood, and fragrant oil on us -- not only us but also all those who are working to help the Blessed Mother of Naju and who come to visit the Blessed Mother of Naju, on their heads, the backs of their heads, their foreheads, their backs and their whole chests. Then, the Lord resumed speaking.


My beloved children! In this current age, the sounds signaling the end (of an age) are already tolling like a funeral bell through those who are working with the devils, and major disasters affecting the whole world have already befallen, but most of the children in the world are blind and deaf and are complacently not accepting the Messages of Love from Me and My Mother, starting an active volcano in My Heart, flaming up vigorously with a fire of justice.

However, through My Mother Mary's earnest entreaties and the sincere prayers soaked in tears and hidden sacrifices and penances by you, the little souls who have become living sacrificial offerings, I, Who am the Way, the Truth and the Life and am the beginning and the end, will finish the work that I began.

All the children who come to Me through My Mother have experienced and will experience in this world many insults, persecutions, and criticisms with preposterous words in the midst of all kinds of ordeals while making Me and My Mother known. However, in the next world, they will be given the power and privilege to occupy the tree of eternal life and will enjoy eternal happiness at My Table in My Kingdom. Therefore, do not worry but become little persons with a greater humility and go forward and lead (others) courageously in saving the world of misery which is approaching its destruction, and thus let all the people praise the Father Who is in Heaven. Then, I, Who am the redeeming Lord and the Judge of Justice, will come to you soon atop clouds, wielding Power, bringing the rewards promised to you and bringing fire, together with My Mother who deserves to be respected as the Queen of Heaven. Jahl-itghurah (Translator's Note: This Korean word literally means Be well! or Stay well! and is an equivalent to Goodbye! addressed to a child) .

When Jesus finished speaking, I woke up from the ecstasy. My helpers, who were supporting me, were surprised to see me wet from my head to my upper clothes with a copious amount of the water of mercy. One of them who touched my clothes shouted: It is oil! On the altar made of rocks in front of the Fifteenth Station for the Lord's Resurrection, streams of the water of mercy came down mixed with colorful oil. All the helpers who saw this shouted with joy and sang to the glory of the Lord.

Julia Kim
Naju, Korea

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