Naju 2001

'There is no more time to procrastinate...'

Message on April 1, 2001

At about 7 a.m., when I was praying, I heard the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.


My beloved daughter! My beloved sons and daughters who have been chosen as my helpers in this age situated in danger! Make haste to become children and hold my hands without weighing with human calculation. Firmly holding the hands of me, your Heavenly Mother and the String that ties Heaven and earth together, and without becoming discouraged or disappointed or looking back, hurriedly wake up, pray, do reparations, live a consecrated life, and make a constant effort to turn your whole life into prayers.

I have so anxiously cried out that the cup of God's wrath has been overflowing and overflowing and, now, there is no more time to procrastinate, but most of the children who say that they know me and even you whom I have chosen are so blind and deaf and are not faithfully following this Heavenly Mamma's words which I have screamed until my throat begins bleeding and are not turning your lives into prayers. Instead, (you) are filled with human thinking and pride, are unable to discern that evil even hides itself behind innocent appearances, and bring about division by joining forces with the devil. The Heart of this Mamma who is looking at this suffers pains of becoming torn into pieces.

However, as it is not too late yet, hurry up and hold my hands. If at least you, who have been called, distance yourselves from pleasures of the senses, accept the anxious pleas of my Son Jesus and me faithfully, and practice them in your lives, the time of the victory of my Son's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart will be advanced. Therefore, become like me. As I want to collect the little flowers and the seeds of martyrdom, which you offer up by making sacrifices at every moment, in my burning Immaculate Heart and offer them up to God, make your best, strenuous efforts.

Then, you will see that the day, when God, Who is Love Itself and loves you so much, will turn the cup of wrath into the cup of blessing and rebuild the place which has been destroyed by Satan, and thus the mouths of those who have been opposing and criticizing will be closed, is not far off.

My children who have been chosen! You suffer pains now, but if you keep in mind the place in the Heavenly Kingdom which I have prepared for you, display the power of love so that you may not squander any of the pains that accompany you while following me, persevere in the utmost loyalty in heroic ways, and gracefully offer up (your pains), your sighs will turn into joys in the not distant future.

Julia Kim
April 1, 2001

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