Naju 2001

Message from Our Lord on Ash Wednesday

Message on February 28, 2001

At about 2 a.m., I lit candles and began praying the rosary. At about 3 a.m., Jesus appeared wearing a white garment. His whole body was stained with Blood, and even His garment was permeated with Blood. He looked so miserable. While I was so surprised and did not know what to do, Jesus came closer in a loving way and spoke with a kind voice:


My beloved little soul! Do not be too surprised. I am stained with Blood like this even now in order to save the world which is infected with sins, as I do not want even one of the children in the world to be condemned and fall into eternal perdition. No matter how much love I may give them, most of the children in the world, who have already become extremely corrupt, are filled with self-centered stubbornness caused by pride and are spiritually blind and deaf and are offending God with insult and ingratitude instead of accepting My love which made Me give My whole body (to them). That is why My Heart has become torn apart into pieces and is bleeding like this day after day.

My daughter! They say that they love Me and My Mother, but, without sincere prayer and true repentance, implore Me and My Mother as if holding on to a life buoy only when they suffer pains and, after they receive the graces they have been asking for, have a grateful heart only briefly and, without giving alms to the Heavenly Beggars, return to their miserable life and become thorns that prick the Sacred Heart.

How anxiously I have been waiting for the little souls to lower Me from the Cross! But the numerous children in the world, the great majority of the clergy and religious, and even My children who have been specially called nail Me to the Cross and, instead of lowering Me from the Cross, remain unawake and join forces with the devil and, thereby, lose their sense of direction, become filled with pride and vanity, and, holding sharp scissors of greed and selfishness (in their hands), cut My body and cloth into pieces to own them. My Heart and My Mother's Heart have burned and burned and have long since become erupting volcanoes.

Julia  Dear Lord! I am so unworthy and powerless. What should I do? Please teach me.


My beloved daughter who has to suffer pains! You are My little soul. I have told the Apostle Paul that My power becomes fully manifested in those who are weak. If you remember that I together with My Mother always dwell in you even while you are weak and gracefully offer up at every moment all the pains that befall you for the conversion of sinners, you will be repairing and consoling My torn Heart and the torn Heart of My Mother, who has been imploring you with tears and tears of blood, and also will be mending My garment which has been torn apart into pieces.

Then, the Lord gave me something saying, "Now, My daughter! Receive this." I received it with both of my hands and held it in my left hand.


This is My garment made of cotton, which has been soaked in My Blood and torn apart again and again during scourging because of the sins of numerous children. These pieces of My cotton garment have been cut apart with sharp scissors of the greed and selfishness with which people only want to receive without giving to others for their own satisfaction instead of loving others as themselves and also (with the scissors) of cold-hearted betrayal.

Remembering that My Mother and I become crushed like this every day and with a heart of sincere prayers, repentance and love, at least you, who know that (My Mother and I) are being insulted and experience all kinds of sufferings because of sinners even at this moment, see this powder of cloth and crush your ego again and again at every moment, become little souls, and turn your lives into prayer. Doing that will become pliers that pull out thorns and nails which have been driven deeply into My Sacred Heart and that of My Mother and also become needles that mend the Sacred Hearts and the garment that have been torn apart. Thus, it will be a great comfort to My Mother and Me. Therefore, try not to fall into disappointment and despair, and, remembering that when you display the power of love more (vigorously) and offer up your utmost loyalty in heroic ways, the time of purification will be shortened, always remain awake and pray. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

After Jesus finished speaking, I resumed praying the rosary in pains. I did not dare to look at what I was holding in my hand. Then, I fell asleep. When I awoke, it was still too early and I did not look at what was in my hand. About four and a half hours later, at 7:30 a.m., I called my family and others. Before everyone looking on, I opened my hand, shaking and awestruck. There were pieces of cloth crushed into powder and stained with Blood. Everyone was surprised and looked more closely. A woman, who was knowledgeable in textiles, said, "It looks like a cloth made of very delicate fibers." All of us were looking at this and promised to ourselves that we would crush our strong egos again and again, turn our lives into prayers at every moment, become simple and little souls, and thus give true consolation to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Julia Kim
March 1, 2001

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