Bishop Roman Danylak

Titular Bishop of Nyssa



 Yielding to the requests of many friends, I have consented to enter the world of the internet. The Lord has called me in different roles and missions as priest, bishop, spiritual director and counsellor. Through the pages that follow, I wish to share with the viewers messages that have been given to me, my reflections on a variety of topics. I have specifically chosen this image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the main page.Read the story behind this image here

+ Roman Danylak,  S.T.L., J.U.D.

    1)    Ukrainian Catholic Church:
                                           (a)  A Historical Overview
                                           (b) The Union of Brest
                                           (c)  The Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada
                                           (d)  The Christian Faith of Rus-Ukraine - A Millenium

    2)    Eastern Christian Spirituality
                                           (a)   The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom
                                           (b)   The Prayer of the East

    3)    Julia Kim - The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus:
                                           (a)  Who is Julia Kim?
                                           (b) Photo Album of Eucharistic Miracle
                                           (c)  Eucharistic Miracle of Naju     (Polska)   (Slovak)   (Ukrainian)(Russian)(Espagñol)NEW
                                           (d)  Bishop's Testimony                 (Polska)   (Slovak)   (Espagñol) NEW 
                                           (e)  Julia's Testimony                     (Polska)
                                           (f)  Words of Jesus
                                           (g)  Photograph of Eucharistic Miracle
                                           (h) Eucharistic Miracles by Fr. Joseph Finn

    4)    Maria Valtorta        (a) Maria Valtorta, Her Life and Work 
                                         (b) In Defense of  The Poem  (Italiano) NEW

    5)    Christian Education and Moral Issues
                                           (a)  Choose Life - Humanae Vitae and the Canadian Catholic Church
                                           (b)  Critique of Family Life Programs in Ontario Catholic Schools
                                           (c)   Teaching The Catholic Faith to our Youth

    6)    Theology                  (a) The EUCHARIST
                                                         (i)  Spiritual Communion 
                                           (b) Catholic Ecumenism
                                                         (i) Josyp Terelya - That They May Be One :  ENGLISH & RUSSIAN
    7)    Apparitions
    8)    Links to other Catholic Sites    (a)  Garabandal - The Workers of Our Lady Canada
                                                         (b)  Naju Miracles - Mary's Touch
                                                         (c)  The Mission of the Shroud

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