Just a Statue or...?

Međugorje, if I remember well, Sunday April 9 2006.

Using my own mobile I went, after a few hours of prayer in the church of Međugorje, remembering that the website from which I was granted permission to use the pictures of Our Lady of Lourdes of the church of Međugorje, and that it will be difficult to explain to various "Thomases" that I am not imagining (it won't be much easier now to the hard-hearted, but there are those more open among the visitors), to photograph that dear statue of Gospa.

I have no more to say. Draw your own conclusions.

In fact, I do this yet. the pictures that I have taken with my mobile, are these three if they produce the following md5 sums:

	07ea5f85b9322b07d02887a56f2404e3  mLrdStJ1.jpg
	c4d0adad09af430b92228cc8f0570a45  mLrdStJ2.jpg
	c0750590af8d37d7ff473d70e2277475  mLrdStJ3.jpg

It could be necessary to check these, as this what happened, and which is a proof to whoever is honest at considering it, will be a disturbance to whoever is not such.

first picture of Gospa's statue, no more than 10 metars second picture of Gospa's statue, about 5-6 metara third picture of Gospa's statue, from about  3-4 meters