Messages from Our Lord and Our Lady on February 16, 2003

First message on February 16, 2003

At about 3:40 p.m., I went to the Blessed Mother’s mountain together with three volunteer helpers. While I was in meditation after adoration of the Lord’s Precious Blood that He had shed by opening His Sacred Heart on August 15, 2002, I saw a vision.

When many of the clergy, religious and lay people made mistakes and committed sins, the Lord's Sacred Heart was relentlessly poked with sharp swords and pointed spears and drills and His Head was repeatedly and forcefully pressed down with the crown of thorns, causing more bleeding. That was not all! They inflicted cruel pains on the Lord by wildly throwing what looked like chestnut burs at His face and body. At the same time, they scourged the Lord's whole body cold-heartedly and numerous times with a lash woven with all kinds of sins, making the Lord bleed miserably from His Sacred Heart and His whole body. Close at His side, the Blessed Mother was shedding tears of blood miserably. Every time the Lord's Blood and the Blessed Mother's dripped on the ground, it made an audible sound. At that moment, the Lord, covered with Blood all over His body, began speaking with a sad but kind voice.


My beloved little soul! As you saw just now, even the great majority of the clergy, whom I have personally installed, are tearing apart My Heart into pieces like this, instead of sewing up My torn Sacred Heart, by rejecting My Mother Mary, who is the Mediatrix of Graces and the Co-Redemptrix, and falling into secularism and serious errors, forgetting about the important vocations which God has entrusted to them and joining forces with the devil. What will happen to the herds of sheep which are following them?

Whoever wants to follow Me must forsake himself and follow Me carrying his cross. Instead of carrying their crosses, they have put down their crosses and turned their faces away from Me. Under the guise of making Me known, they are making all kinds of efforts with an ambition filled with pride in order to be treated with dignity and to dominate in the world, even deserting their own consciences with authoritarianism, arrogance and egoistic self-righteousness and ironclad with hypocrisy. Are they any different from wolves in sheep's clothing?

Daughter! How long must I simply watch all of this? I can punish them any time, but am delaying it so that the sinners may repent and enter through the gate of My Sacred Heart which is widely open, according to My Mother's Will. Thus, I will not be their Judge but will open widely the gate of My Sacred Heart and let them enter, if they repent, however wicked sinners they may have been. But if they refuse to the end to enter through the widely-open gate of My Sacred Heart, they will have to go through the gate of justice. What will happen to them?

Because My Father cannot just keep watching the sins in the world any longer and is about to lower His Hand, which has been lifted up high, My Mother Mary is imploring Him shedding tears and tears of blood that the cup of God the Father's wrath may not descend upon this world.

All the clergy, religious, and lay people in the world! Make haste to wake up from sleep, rush to Me through My Mother, and make strenuous efforts so that all the children in the world may practice the messages of love that My Mother and I have been screaming to them until Our throats start bleeding and be saved. The devils, who fill the sky and the earth, will ceaselessly harass you who are working for My Mother and Me, but My Mother and I will always defend and protect you and have the angels guard you.

My little souls who have been called! This generation is unfaithful like reeds that are swayed by the wind and is filled with sins. Those who do not seek the incorruptible riches in Heaven but compromise with the world and try to preserve their lives will lose their lives, whereas those who are persecuted while working for My Mother and Me will live forever.

When Jesus finished speaking, one of the volunteer helpers suddenly screamed loudly and said that the Precious Blood descended upon my forehead. People gathered to look.


Second message on February 16, 2003

I came home a little past 6 p.m. I could not control my body because of extreme pains and lied down. While I was meditating on the vision and message from the Lord today, I saw another vision.

The cup of God the Father's wrath was about to come down upon this world because of the extremely frightful and terrible sins in the world, which one could not even look at with open eyes. At that moment, the Blessed Mother, who had been imploring God the Father shedding tears and tears of blood, held onto His arm. But, because the cup was shaken, a small amount of the liquid in the cup of wrath was spilled. At those places where the liquid dropped, violent flames of fire soared up immediately and people who were there screamed loudly. Some were burned to death and others were severely wounded. It was a miserable scene of pandemonium. At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking with a kind but sad voice.



My beloved daughter! Because the children in the world do not follow the words from My Son Jesus and me but busy themselves with useless things and ruin themselves by doing so, this world has already become covered with black clouds and engulfed in a storm. Even so, they do not realize this, giving this Mama the pain of her Heart becoming torn apart into pieces. I have already told them so many times, repeating the same words again and again and showing numerous unprecedented miraculous signs, what the remedy for the numerous calamities which are now occurring at many places in the world are, but . . . (The Blessed Mother was sobbing sorrowfully.) How is that they are so blind and unable to see and so deaf and unable to understand?

All the children in the world! My Son Jesus and I are not far away from you, not even at a shouting distance from you, but right at your side. Therefore, do not calculate with human thinking any longer but open your hearts widely and return to My Son Jesus and me. Then, you will not be asked questions about your past, the cup of blessing from God the Father instead of the cup of His wrath will come down upon you, and your sad crying and screaming will turn into joy.

My beloved children who have been called as little souls! Deeply meditating that your Lord is bleeding day after day because of the extremely wicked sinners, become more awake and pray that even those evil people with human faces but beastly hearts may be saved. Now, if you turn every day and every moment in the remainder of your lives into prayers, offer up sacrifices and reparations, live a consecrated life, achieve unity in the Holy Trinity with the joy of uniting with the Saints, display the power of love more energetically, and offer up loyalty more heroically so that the world may be saved, the devils, who fill the sky and the earth in order to divide and topple you, will retreat and this world will face the time of the victory by the Sacred Hearts.

My beloved little souls who have been called as the apostles of the Sacred Hearts! Now, it is just before the time that the cup of God's wrath will come down. If at least you, who already know that there is no more time to procrastinate or hesitate, clearly realize the simple truth that even objects as light as birds' feathers can sink a ship if enough of them accumulate (meaning that, if many join their forces, they can do great things) and never become frustrated or give up in following My Son Jesus and me, you will soon see the dawning of the New Heaven and the New Earth, receive and wear the laurel crown of the truth, and enjoy eternal happiness.

Julia Kim
Naju, Korea

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