Naju 2001

Messages and Signs

I have presented here, without textual change, some of these English translations, along with their translations into Croatian and Italian, which are only as good (sufficiently good to get clear insight, but the certainty on the particulars in different places is missing) as I was able (one factor, at that, was the time at my disposal) to make of them in my understanding thereof, from this website.

Make sure you take a look at, particularly: the Eucharistic miracle to which the Pope witnessed, in his Chapel, an older version of which page, is on this site.

February 28 -- Messages from Our Lord on Ash Wednesday

April 1 -- 'There is no more time to procrastinate'

October 19 -- 'I will give one more chance to the children who have lost their sense of direction'

November 3 & 6 -- 'Make haste to repent, as before not too long it will be the time of harvest'

November 8 -- 'The time of stern judgment of justice is drawing near'

November 9 -- 'Make haste to wake up and pray so that you may be saved from the chastisement'

November 9 (2) -- Stains of Our Lord's Precious Blood and Our Lady's tears of blood at the Stations of the Cross on the mountain near Naju

November 24 -- Another miraculous descent of the Eucharist

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