Learning from Misku, the then Bishop Danylak's website administrator, in email correspondence, that the Bishop was very ill, I archived his website on my hard drive. It is almost complete, just as it was back in 2004.:

Archived official website of late Bishop Danylak
of which the original location was www.heartofjesus.ca

Mostly in English, with some works translated in several languages.

Some parts are in Russian, e.g. this English excerpt:
Josyp Terelya - That They May Be One, is from Иосип Тереля: ЕДИНЕНИЕ.

In Croatian, when I find it, will be my translation in Croatian which was to be posted on that location.

The Bishop's site domain appears to have been lost. And there appears to have been a salvage attempt to restore it to: www.sacredheartofjesus.ca (note the "sacred" string added).

However, a lot of the content is missing from there. At least at the time of my posting of this archive.


Finally, pls. note that I hold no copyright to this material.

I am posting it for public benefit. That was a great Ukrainian and a great man of the Chuch. The miracles that he witnessed are an important testimony to safekeep. And his theological works need to be known in this time and times to come.

I make note to you here, dear readers, without modifying more than necessary the original official internet pages of the Bishop, that sections of my site are dedicated to supernatural events in Naju, Korea, as well as to The Poem of the Man-God (the new translations are under "The Gospel as it was Revealed to Me"), to which sections of the Bishop's location are dedicated as well.